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The Inner Circle Experience leaves you feeling like a part of an extended family. The conference exceeded all my expectations for a number of reasons, but mainly for the quality relationships that pan across the globe and have now developed into authentic friendships. From the welcome reception hosted by Sade and her team to the spectacular speakers and thought leaders  such as Seth Godin, not only did I feel warmly received, but  my business/agency has also experienced some real growth and elevation from this experience. The knowledge shared is absolutely priceless and has helped me change my way of thinking in some aspects of my business and in turn, increased my profits.


From the moment we arrive until we got back on the plane, I have never felt more pampered and attended to. The gifts are extraordinary and exquisite; my favorites being my leather computer case with my initials engraved to the personalized leather note books and the oscar de la renta themed party which was absolutely over the top! Sade's generosity, love  and warmth is reflected throughout the whole experience and I wouldn't miss it for the world.



ICE was an incredible and transformative experience.  It provides the opportunity to develop friendships with your peers in the industry and hear inspiring speakers, plus it all takes place in an over-the-top luxurious environment.  Sade’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail are unparalleled and she has truly created a one-of-a-kind experience with ICE.            



What and who inspired me to stop talking about making a change and finally follow my passion? Many wonderful family/friends and colleagues encouraged me often and believed in me..... Ms. Sade Awe truly inspired me and put me on track. Sade has a very unique authenticity about her and in even the most casual conversations you always hear her fearless passion for what she's doing. Getting to meet Sade and also getting to know the group of industry leaders she brings together for the Inner Circle Experience over the last three years has been beyond incredible. Sade along with the other attendees I have met and come to know through ICE are all role models who are dynamic in every way, charitable, and most importantly supportive. I'm so grateful....dreams do come true!



The Inner Circle Experience had me walk away incredibly inspired, with fresh thoughts to implement, new fabulous connections and overall a renewed pride in our global wedding industry that we help shape every day. I guess we are all “forces to be reckoned with” in our own way.


The days were a great reminder of what luxury, amazing attention to detail, uniqueness, creativity and pushing ones boundaries are all about. We of course deliver this for our clients year on year – yet on this one occasion being treated to the same glamour, style and high-level socialising – was simply a rare and priceless pleasure!


Needless to say Sade that your emotional and very personal investment in ICE has made this get-together unique and very special. So yes – I’d fly for 35 hours again the next time and hope to inspire my team and our business growth with even further. Here’s to growing our amazing industry to new heights – and to doing it together.    



They say 3’s a charm and I believe it.  I’ve had the good fortune to attend the last three ICE conferences and every year the conference gets better.  The relationships I’ve created and maintain have become an integral part in the success of my business.  I have  developed a core group of accountability partners and industry professionals who I can count on to help me with difficult business decisions and working on future goals.  The speakers have opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities and I am always left with one key message that I take back to EVOKE and as a team we work on to develop together.  The intimacy and exclusivity of the group allow for deep interactions and real sharing.  When asked if I will be attending ICE 2017, the answer is “OUI! OUI!” .  Paris here I come!



I just wanted to thank you for the privilege of being part of The Inner Circle family for yet another year. It is a luxury in life to be able to be amongst a group of people that inspire me, teach me about having authentic relationships and help me grow into a better person in business and in my personal life. It has been amazing that these relationship
go far beyond the course and continue to grow through our contact with one another throughout the year which has taken my business to a higher plane. I have enjoyed the special knowledge that is imparted by not only the exceptional speakers but by my Inner Circle family. Thank you for your generosity in every way that makes our experience so special and meaningful.



We travelled over 38 hours to get to the Inner Circle experience this year and it was worth every single minute and more of that journey. Our single most memorable moment was not a moment as such, more a special feeling of realizing we were so lucky to be part of such a talented, inspiring and trusting community of peers. It felt like a family gathering where people felt at home sharing their views, opinions doubts and fears. In this environment the learning and knowledge sharing was worth its weight in gold.



I want to laugh at how cavalierly people toss around the word "luxury", when most of them don't have a blasted clue, on any level, what a true luxury experience involves. Except you. Sade, you took something that has been done a million times before, held a conference, and turned the whole concept on its head. "Luxury" was not demonstrated with mini perfume samples snagged from the local department store, rather by the Jo Malone big wig personally delivering us their entire branding evolution along with a mack daddy bottle of the real, full sized, delicious product. We didn't get to see Hermes in a brochure or as a prize for one lucky winner. Instead, we got to experience Hermes, monogrammed, delivered to our rooms in all its glory. I don't know what to say other than: I can't figure out how you created that insane experience and executed it so flawlessly. In addition, in my next life I want to come back as smart, talented and classy as you. The Inner Circle flat out, super luxuriously, in every way, ROCKED. End of discussion.



Prior to attending my first Inner Circle Experience, I already equated Sade and the Bridal Circle brand with luxury and style.   Little did I know the splendor that awaited me in Atlanta. Every detail was perfect and every need anticipated.  But this was not simply a luxury vacation; it was a meeting of the minds, and some pretty sharp ones at that!  The wonderful, diverse group of creative, financial and inspirational leaders that Sade assembled for the Inner Circle Experience was exceptional.  Learning and sharing with some old friends and many new, I was able to participate in discourse that ranged from consumer marketing, luxury branding and digital media to more enlightening topics such as how to take the next step to truly grow your business and establish who you are. To truly be able to market to and service the luxury bride, one must truly understand the luxury experience from the inside and out.  The Inner Circle Experience defines that and more.    



Dear Sade, you and your amazing Inner Circle Experience team have executed another exemplary and inspiring business symposium. You have brought together a network of diverse, global business partnerships and opportunities. 2016 ICE was more than defining luxury as an experience afforded to an exclusive community.


It was more than building a luxury enterprise for an affluent sector of society, it was more than delivering Wow or Bespoke service for a discerning clientele. Our presenters left us empowered, their message was spot on, insightful, intuitive and positively life changing. I am sure there were sessions that left an indelible impact on each of us. I personally connected with Rosie O’Neil’s love story and her Willy Wonka child-like adventure which gave birth to Sugarfina. Rosie gave new meaning to "dare to dream”, I experienced visions of sugarplum and possibilities dancing in my head. ICE gave us so many inspiring take aways, "lessons they do not teach you at Harvard Business School”.

There are many successful businesses that were born out of a stupid idea and the technology advances we benefit from today is because someone had a "stupid idea" and was courageous enough to execute it. Sade, your brilliance in selecting a diverse cadre of contributors has given attendees a profound experience and a deep appreciation for ICE. I am looking forward to 2017 and the Magic of Paris.



So many people throw around the term 'luxury' so often that it gets diluted across all platforms.  Or they are mistaken by presuming it’s only about spending lots of money on goods and services.  However, luxury is experiential and should fully engulf you into a brand , location or environment.  Sade has orchestrated this beautifully with The Inner Circle Experience because she lives luxury.  


She is merely an astute corporate executive that might boast years of education but lack real perspective - everything about her embodies luxury as second nature to her existence.  From the minute you arrive in the magical destination, everything from transportation, meals and learning sessions are curated to stimulate a visceral reaction of luxury and she reminds you at every turn that these experiences are the heart and soul of who we are and the clients that we serve.

Arriving into Puerto Rico and having my driver approach me by name before I found him. Luxury is thanking my Butler after he meticulously unpacked my luggage after a long flight and luxury is noticing that all of the toilet paper and tissue in my suite at @stregisbb has been blind embossed with the St. Regis logo.  I know that @thebridalcircle_sadeawe guarantees it only gets better from here. 


Welcome to the Inner Circle Experience!   #TheInnerCircleExperience

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