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Jo Malone London is our personal go-to brand for all things scented and sumptuous. Completely couture fragrances derived from both refined and exotic sources are crafted with excellence to create unparalleled scents for her, for him, for the home - even for scenting an event. Undeniably British, the brand has become a paragon of sophisticated continental living the world round.

Easily identified by its classic packaging - the cream box, beautifully wrapped with a black bow and scented black tissue within - Jo Malone London is a luxury perfect to gift on any occasion, or even for no occasion at all. Not to mention- it’s the perfect personal indulgence (trust us, we know): the warmth of a candle; exquisitely crafted products for bath and body care; unique home fragrances; refreshingly composed scents. As far as we can tell, the time is always right for Jo Malone London.

From its headquarters at the stately 52 Gloucester Place townhouse, Jo Malone London Creative Studio curates its luxurious realm of indulgent scented collections. Founded in 1994, the brand unites master world-renowned perfumers with London’s savvy creatives, revealing a brand dedicated to honing the complexity of perfumery into the simplicity of a unique scent, discerning in its fragrant realization. Time-honed and an icon of British excellence, Jo Malone London leads the way in luxurious twenty-first century living.

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