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Inner Circle Experience

With the dawn of the new year, we at The Inner Circle Experience (ICE) felt it was time to put our freshest face forward, and we are thrilled to be able to share our new aesthetic with you. Luxurious, timeless, elegant and fresh, we’ve worked with some of the most talented professionals in the industry to bring to you a revitalized, reenergized Inner Circle Experience. Branding expert Christine Traulich of Red Bliss Design and discerning duo Stephanie Cross and Heidi Van Dyke at See It Sideways marketing agency, took all our deepest brand desires and turned them into a refreshed reality.

Inner Circle Experience

Clean, crisp and energetic, we are completely in love with our updated logo and branding. Red Bliss Design’s Christine didn’t bat an eye when we asked for a makeover. Brimming with ideas and creative solutions, the collaboration with Christine began, ultimately birthing our uber-luxurious, no-frills logo. Chic but understated, we are thrilled to finally give you a glimpse of our new look in 2018, and couldn't be more thankful for Christine’s enthusiastic support and influential design.

The next challenge was pairing our logo with an updated website that would communicate the simplistic luxury and elegance of the ICE brand without any fuss. We knew we needed a website that would be sleek and dynamic. When we chatted with Stephanie and Heidi from See It Sideways, they took every whim, every request and every detail of our brand to heart. The result? A site that truly epitomizes the bold beauty of the ICE brand. Minimalistic, yet impactful, our site is everything we dreamed it would be. We cannot emphasize enough the insightfulness and care of the See It Sideways team. Creating and collaborating on our site was in and of itself a dream - which has brought an even greater dream into being: a fresh ICE for 2018.

We are beyond blessed to have had such incredible luxury industry creatives come alongside us in the creation of our new, timeless aesthetic. The updated site includes straightforward navigation, so you can access content swiftly, with dropdown menus for both desktop and mobile devices. The structure of our content has been refined so you’ll get more from a quick read. We’ve made many small, yet impactful, changes, all to make your user-experience more streamlined. Don’t forget to take a peek at our new blog as well, where we will cover all things regarding luxuriant experiences. We just know you’ll love the look and feel of being a part of the updated Inner Circle Experience, and cannot wait to hear your feedback!

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